2016 Goals: 5 Things I Want to do this Year

Everyone should have goals, long term, short term, immediate, it doesn't matter. I think this is very important for personal as well as professional development,  

One of my goals is to start blogging. I've tried so many times in the past, cycled through so many domains, numerous platforms and a number of "This is My First..." posts. There are a few topics I have in mind that I would like to try and write about, so I'm not sure where this will end up, and how many people will enjoy it, so I'm just going to try to get into the habit of writing first, then worry about shaping the direction of the blog later.  The 4-5 things I know i will write about are Photography, Internet Infrastructure/Technology, Coffee, and New York City.  With that, lets move on to the short list of goals I want to set for myself for the upcoming year. 

What I want to do more of or start doing

1. Read 1 Book a month 

2. Incorporate Meditation into Daily Routine

3. Digital De-clutter. 1 Screen of apps, Use iphone less, Remove Facebook app

4. Take More Photographs 

5.  Be more positive

I dont think this list should be too hard to tackle, and the results should surely be positive. I'll be sure to try and write about my progress. 

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Happy 2016 to everyone