Thanks, Jonas.

I have a love/hate relationship with snow. 

It's cold, wet, you have to really prepare yourself when going outside, but damn, it also makes things really beautiful. 

On Friday night as we watched Netflix, patiently waiting for the storm to get underway in manhattan,  I found myself in bed before the snow really began to fall, which meant I'd be waking up to a winder wonderland. 

We woke up to snow stacked up on our window sills, and on-top of the air conditioner, falling fast with strong winds gusting and blowing it all around. After a fresh coffee and some breakfast, It would be time to mentally prepare to go outside and take some photos. 

New York City is already one of the most amazing and beautiful cities in the world, and when you fill it with snow, and a slight emptiness than is rarely ever seen, it becomes even more amazing. 

The first trip was to walk through our neighborhood to the park (Washington Square) and gauge what would be next depending on the conditions outside. 

A Snow Covered Washington Square Park

It was everything I had imagined, while there were a bunch of people out (this is New York city after-all) the sometimes quiet and empty areas of the city shined, covered in fresh snow, untouched, or otherwise with a few footprints that would soon be covered by more snow, looked and felt surreal. 


Empty Paths in a snow covered Washington Square Park

A true winter wonderland. Washington Square Park is one of the magical places in New York City, where life can really be noticed amongst the environment in front of you. 

The Arch

Everyone sees something to capture

From here, we took a stroll down 5th avenue and headed back home. 

I would later come back out and attempt to hike downtown or even to times square, as I thought there would be some really cool shots to take there, but after walking a few blocks in the intense wind and snow, I made it only a few blocks before turning around, picking up a 6 pack of beer and heading home. 


Thanks, Jonas. 

Until Next time.