App Review: Coffee

Coffee is a thoughtfully designed iPhone app for coffee lovers that not only shows you where to get coffee in select cities, but also includes beautiful photographs.

Good design & coffee go hand-in-hand for me. Sure, a coffee shop that is cluttered, messy, and not clean is not appealing, but if they are known for making a great coffee, it won't keep me away.  But lets be honest, that is rarely the case with great coffee, because good Baristas, Managers, and Owners know that this is just as important as serving a great brew. 

I don't need a coffee app. I have Foursquare, Spot and I am crazy about coffee, and put a lot of effort into knowing where to get coffee in both New York City, and in cities I am traveling to. In fact, when I'm traveling, knowing where to get good coffee is the first thing I research. However, sometimes knowing too much and having so many choices can cause decision anxiety. This Coffee app is so clean, simple, and does exactly what it needs to with no bells and whistles that I just had to check it out. So here's short review to share with you.

When you open the app, you see a list of coffee shops in your current city, sorted by nearby to furthest away, along with micro icons on the right side, identifying core features of the coffee shop. Places in Bold are the founder's Eva and Stefan's top picks. You can toggle between list and map view. 

Selecting a place from the list will open up a detailed screen for that coffee shop, which displays only the information you really need to know. Name of Shop, Neighborhood, Estimated Walk Time, an option to Share and Get Directions,  and a few beautiful photographs.

Micro Icons identify core features of the shop, such as:

  • Free Wifi
  • Food
  • Alternate Brewing Methods Available
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • as well as if the shop is New

There is a good selection of cities to start off, and an option suggest new ones via the settings screen. The iTunes profile for the app mentions there are in-app purchases, where it costs $1.99 for additional cities, but when I open the app, those cities are included. My guess is that the in-app purchases were removed, and this just needs to be updated.

Overall, I think this is a really great app. It serves a single purpose, and does it well. 

If you love coffee, and more importantly, if you also enjoy photography and good design, and don't mind spending $3.99 then I would highly recommend checking it out. 


Bonus: Eva & Stefan also have some well curated city guides on their site, Trotter Mag